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Day 1 Tuesday 26 February 2019 
09.30am Introduction & Welcome

9.45am Panel session – Building TrustKey topics: Ethical AI, Data governance, Blockchain
Moderator: Bleddyn REESDeputy Chair, ECHAlliance

  • «Emotional, Empathic, and Ethical AI: How AI is radically changing physical and mental health interventions» by Tarek R. Besold, AI Lead & SeniorResearch Scientist at Alpha Health -Telefónica Innovation Alpha  (Spain)
  • «Citizen-controlled Data Governance» by Angela Brand, Professor at Maastricht University, Task Force Leader of the Digital Health Society (DHS) (Netherlands)
  • “Blockchain and the new economics of health data” by Jason Potts, Director of the Blockchain Innovation Hub at RMIT (Australia)
  • «Practical blockchain as trust-promoter to build the healthcare of your dreams» by Ain Aaviksoo, Chief Medical Officer Guardtime Health General Manager (Estonia)
10.25am – 11.00am Coffee break
11.00am Panel Session – Digital Health Innovation in Maternal and Child Care

 Moderator: Bleddyn REES, Deputy Chair, ECHAlliance

  • «International Patient Summary Standards in Child Care: a Look at Home-based Records» by Catherine E. Chronaki, Secretary General at HL7 Foundation Europe and VP at European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI), (Brussels)
  • «Health system perspective: fostering quality and nurturing innovation in mobile health» by  Javier Ferrero Álvarez-Rementería, CIO for the Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality, Health Department of Andalusia (Spain)
  • «My eHealth Life: a new perspective from an award-winning platform”by Adamis Theodoros, Director, 1st Dpt ObGyn IASO Maternity & Gynecology Clinic Athens (Greece)
 11.45am Keynote Series:

  • «The real digital patient: women are digital, men are analogical» by Frederic Llordachs i Marques, Co-founder and Global Business Development Manager at Doctoralia (Spain)
  • «Adolescents with behavioral disorder: a comprehensive assistance intervention in a specialized residential environment» by Marc GuillóPrincipal of the academic area at Amalgama 7 (Spain)
12.15pm – 13.15pm Lunch & Networking
13.15pm Keynotes Series – Data-driven innovation

Key topics: Genetics, precision/personalized medicine, Behaviors, Lifestyle

Moderator: Bleddyn REESDeputy Chair, ECHAlliance

  • «Breaking Down Silos: Achieving Personalized Diabetes Care» by Stephen Ranjan, Vice President, New Product Development at Roche Diabetes Care (USA)
  •  «The challenge of delivering quality healthcare at a lower cost» by Darren Ransley, VP Business Development & Product at Infocare (UK)
  • «New models of health & care enabled by emerging technologies» byMartin Jeffries, Chief Marketing Officer at Tunstall Healthcare Group (UK)
  • Real-world evidence, big data and value-based care” by Francisco Lupiáñez-Villanueva, Co-Founder at Open Evidence (Spain)
 14.25pm Panel session – Urban health and wellbeing

Key topics: Precision/personalized medicine, Behaviors, Lifestyle

Moderator: Bleddyn REESDeputy Chair, ECHAlliance    

  • «Big data for Public Health: new opportunities for Smart Cities» by Maria Fernanda Cabrera, Innovation director at Life Supporting Technologies, Technical University of Madrid (PULSE H2020 project Coordinator) (Spain)
  • «Sharecare Movement: engaging and empowering people & communities to meet their healthier self» by Julien Venne, Partnerships & Development at Sharecare Europe (France)
  • «Health and wellbeing in cities: a model for health and environment in urban settings» by Jesús Berdún, Project Manager de la Fundació TIC SalutSocial (Spain)
  • «Innovative partnerships for digital health: how an urban multi sectoral approach can help tackle NCDs» by Marco Franzosi, Strategy officer at Novartis Foundation (Switzerland)
15.15pm – 15.45pm Coffee break
 15.45pm Panel session – AI opportunities for Health 

Moderator: Bleddyn REESDeputy Chair, ECHAlliance   

  • «It’s all about person centricity» by Hector Upegui, Worldwide Market Development Executive, Associate Chief Health Officer at IBM Watson Health (Germany)
  • «Chatbots for Global Health : A Trigger for Integration» by Jordi Serrano Pons, Founder of the UniversalDoctor Project (Spain)
Innovators pitching session 

5 innovators pitching in front of digital health experts

Opening Keynote- Creating novel solutions that make healthy lives a reality for allby Irene Sánchez, Business Creation Manager EIT Health (Spain)

Moderator: Mike Short, Chief Scientific Adviser at the Department for International Trade (UK)

  • «eHealthPass: create interoperable shared care plans for chronic disease management and better patient outcomes: the cases of Diabetes and Chronic Pain» by Alexander Berler, Director Consulting Services at Gnomon (Greece)
  • «Artificial Intelligence in practice: personalised adaptive bolus recommender system for Type 1 Diabetes» by Beatriz López, Artificial Intelligence Researcher at Girona University (Spain)
  • «A health related framework for a connected world» by Simone Tonti, Product Development Manager at Ab.Acus s.r.l. (Italy)
  • “Accelerating Clinical Research through IOMED’s Natural Language Processing” by Javier de Oca, CEO de IOMED Medical Solutions (Spain)
  • «Wearables and Brain Data: Companions for Digital Brain Health» by Aureli Soria-Frisch, Director of Neuroscience at Starlab Consulting Division (Spain)
17:15pm  Conclusion Day 1

Day 2 


Wednesday 27 February 2019
Smart healthy cities – PULSE featured workshop
09.45am  Introduction & Welcome

10.00am  EU Urban Agenda 

  • «The rise of the Digital City Transformation towards healthier urban environment by Mika Rantakokko, University of Oulu, Coordinator of EU Urban Agenda Digital Transition Partnership (Finland)
10.15am  Keynotes

  • «Barcelona’s route towards a Healthy City» by Elia Diez, Head of the Preventive Programs and Interventions Service at the Public Health Agency of Barcelona (Spain)
  • «Superblocks’ intervention and PULSE: when local and European initiatives join forces to improve health» by Catherine Perez, Head of the Department of Health Information Systems at Barcelona Public Health Agency (Spain)
 10.45am  Learning from Smart City pioneers

  • «The future of health in smart cities» by Janette Hughes, Director of Planning and Performance at Digital health and care institute (UK)
11.00am – 11.30am  Coffee break
11.30am  PULSE solution showcase: Citizen app and tools for Public Health Organizations

  • Vittorio Casella, Associate professor of Geomatics at the University of Pavia (Italy)
  •  Andrea Pogliaghi, Software Technical Leader at GeneGIS GI – Geographical Intelligence (Italy)
12.00pm  Round Table with Business Council ExpertsModerator: Maite Ferrando, CEO at KVeloce I+D+i (Spain)

  • Cristian Pascual, Co-founder and CEO of Mediktor, and President of Barcelona Health Hub (Spain)
  • Peter Wu, CEO, ASUS Cloud & ASUS Life (Taiwan)
  • Jörg Weißmann, Head of Medical Affairs & Quality EMEA/LATAM at Roche Diabetes Care Deutschland GmbH (Germany)
12:40pm  Conclusions, announcement